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2011 to Read List.

The Book of Awesome cover.

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I love reading. Specially non-fiction books. Here are some of the books I’m looking forward to read and apply in my life this year (please feel free to recommend one of your favorites):

I will update this list as I find out about interesting stuff to read.

Happy reading!

Steve Jobs at the WWDC 07

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If you haven’t read, Apple hosted an event this morning (10/20/2010). Thousands of people were watching live the latest news from the company¬† and millions know by now that they’re releasing new laptops, a new suite of applications (called iLife ’11) and some of the features of the upcoming version of Mac OS, dubbed “Lion”.

But I’m not talking about that today. Instead, here are 5 things that I’ve learned from Steve Jobs since the initial launch of the iMac almost 10 years ago. Continue reading

Love what You Do.

There are tons of ways to make a living: some people are artists, some are entrepreneurs, some have a job and others are a combination of all.

I consider myself the latter.

I love photography, design, writing, marketing, finance and travel. I consider myself very fortunate because I get paid almost all of them (still haven’t figured how to get paid to travel).

The fact is that everybody should get paid for doing what they love. The truth is, if you don’t love what you do, you’re wasting your time on this planen.


squared circles - Clocks

Do you enjoy your days? by Leo Reynolds via Flickr

see some examples of other people that genuinely love what they do and get paid for it.

Chris Guillebeau gets paid for visiting every country in the world and teaching individuals how to design their lifestyles around experiences instead of things.

Nancy Duarte and her team get paid for creating amazing presentations (presentations like, slides in Power Point) for major companies and world leaders.

Scott Ginsberg gets paid to show companies around the world on how to increase their approachability.

Please note that any of them are “old” (Scott is 30), what shows that there’s no age to do what you love, and that believing that “you’re too young for that” is just an excuse.

But what separates those that love their jobs from those that don’t?

I believe that people lose track of their passions.

Look, if you already have a job, you should analyze why you got it in the first place. What attracted you to it? I bet that it’s not simply because you were going to receive a paycheck. There must have been something that you liked about it. Something that made it worthy at the beginning to get up in the morning and get there. Was it the responsibilities you’d have? Was it the¬†camaraderie? Was it the industry? Was it the potential you saw for your position?

Get back in touch with what you loved about you’re currently doing. Analyze what you’d like to change and suggest ways to do it. If you honestly can’t find anything you love, then do something about it. Find a new job, start a company, but please, don’t waste a third of your day something you hate. You’ll regret it 10 years from now (or you probably already do).