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January 1st represents the start of a new cycle, an opportunity to recognize what we’ve been doing wrong and change it. A lot of people start diets, go to the gym and, in general, there’s a sense of optimism in the air.

With that in mind, here are my New Year resolutions for investors. I believe they will help you reduce your anxiety and have a more pleasant investment experience. Continue reading

Mutual fund

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The securities industry is probably one of the most regulated in the United States. There are clear rules on what can and can’t be said in order to prevent false or misleading communications with the public.

Given the recent positive performance in the overall market, mutual fund advertisements are coming back to main stream media and trade publications.

It is common to see funds that tote their “good management” that “fare well” even in “difficult times”.

It is also common to see funds claiming to have the most awards from Lipper, Mornignstar or other rating companies that -to simplify- arrange funds by performance in a number of timeframes. For example, you’ll see that a some companies will claim to have “the most 5 star funds”, while others will claim to have beaten their “Lipper categories”. Continue reading

Gold and Irrationality

American Gold Eagle

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For the last two years, the media has added to their “daily scores” the value of gold, which is now referred as often as the latest movement of the S&P 500 or the “Dow”. But today I’ll focus on gold.

Is gold really an inflation hedge? Continue reading

“After all what I’ve been through I just lost faith in the stock market” (Anonymous Investor in El Paso, TX)

After talking with numerous investors about finance and investing, I’ve found that a lot of them are disappointed, frustrated, and even angry at themselves because of what happened with the stock market during the last 18 months. Some of them even feel that “investing is not for them”.

When I ask them “how did you know how to invest?”, some of the most common answers were (not in particular order): Continue reading