Broken promises are lies in disguise. Until the disguise is lost and so is trust.

The word promise descends from the Latin “promissum”, meaning a pledge or vow and from the Latin verb “promissere”, which means to foretell.

Which means that a promise is a vow, a prediction. Very powerful, don’t you think? So, when we make a promise, we are predicting the future. Only that we are talking about a future that we can create through our actions, and thus, it is something entirely under our control.

When we promise, we are giving our word that we will do (or prevent to do) something. The problem is, when we don’t live to our promises, our word is devalued and the trust that others put in us (or us in ourselves) is reduced little by little.

So, how can you prevent falling into this trap?

It’s a two sided answer.

On one side, don’t make promises that you can’t accomplish in the first place. Think: Is this something I am capable, able and willing to do? If you’re not, it is better saying “no” in the first place that failing to keep your promise.

On the other side, write down your promises. All of them. This will help you to be accountable and will allow you to keep your progress.

Will you write down your next 5 promises? Or, better yet, will you keep them?

I will. I promise.