It’s great that there are organizations that promote free market economy as the way for business and individuals to achieve success, realization, and happiness. One of those organizations is Junior Achievement; and I’m proud to say that I volunteer with them (I’ve done it for the last 18 months).

Answering questions on the Titan simulation.

Answering questions on the Titan simulation.

A few weeks ago I finished the “Titan” program in Bowie High School here in El Paso. It was a great experience.The Titan program is composed of 2 elements: the educational element and the experiential element.

On the educational element, the volunteer shows students different aspects of running a business; from marketing, to research and development, to basic finances, to giving back to the community when they have a profitable business.

The experiential element focuses on a computer-based business simulation. There, students are divided in teams to apply what they learned before and compete with each other to see which team creates the most successful business. But success is not only measured in the amount of profits that the company achieves, the program also emphasizes the importance of giving back to their communities.

Now, why was I referring to Free Market Economy? Because the base of the program is to show how, in a free market economy, the company that offers the most compelling product at the best price is the one that wins in the long run. In the computer simulation every team “sells” the same product “Holo-Generators” (fictional small electronic devices that project 3D images) at the beginning, but thanks to their efforts to market, price, and develop new technologies they differentiate from each other. In the game, as it should be in real life, there are no government bail-outs, or government intervention whatsoever (other than to pay taxes), which results in a healthy competition where truly the best company wins.

Bowie H.S. students working on the JA Titan Computer Simulation

Bowie H.S. students working on the JA Titan Computer Simulation

I can just imagine how different the world would be if in every school basic free-market principles were taught. I’m sure that our youth would be more about creating wealth for themselves and their communities than about asking the government for assistance.

Special thanks to Linda Garcia from Junior Achievement and Terry Ambriz, Magnet Coordinator from Bowie H.S.

If you are interested in donating to Junior Achievement, monetarily or via volunteer work, please contact them HERE

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